Let Me Personally Help You Build a £6,000+ Per Month Social Media Management Income, In Just 12 Weeks.


Can You Answer YES To Any Of These Questions?

Are you already selling services B2B, using Facebook and Twitter to promote your business, but looking for additional ways to serve your network – and of course, bring in an additional income stream for yourself?


Maybe you’re not currently running a business, but stuck in a job you’re not enjoying and dream of working from home?


Perhaps you’ve built a decent sized business, but increasingly feeling unexcited by it – and you find yourself spending lots of time procrastinating on Facebook when you should be “working”?


Or it could even be that you have a staff member that you want to train up to represent you profitably online?


Then keep reading for something really exciting...


To: Current (or Aspiring) Owners of Service Businesses, and Employers of Social Media Managers    


From: Veronica Pullen, The Social Marketing Queen

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Chances are, at some point, you’ve been tempted by one of the hundreds (thousands!) of "business opportunities" promising to make you a “ gazillionaire” overnight.


And if a “get-rich-quick” strategy is what you’re after, close this page now, because you’ll be disappointed.


But how about if you could work with someone who has overcome huge challenges to build a 6-figure social marketing business, to build your own work-from-where-you-want, online business in 12 weeks...?


... a business that delivers what millions of small business owners need, providing you with a sustainable monthly income?


Sound appealing...?


Before I reveal all the details, let me tell you a little story about my journey so far, and why you should pay attention to the opportunity I’ll be revealing in just a minute.


I’m Veronica Pullen, and I was born with partial hearing loss, and at the age of 12, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As each year goes by, the pain and swelling in all of my joints becomes more severe. In 2014, the only joints not affected are my hips and spine.


At the age of 26, my driving licence was medically revoked when a routine Optician’s check revealed I had an eyesight condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. This was the point that I moved most of my social life online (yes there was social networking of a sort that long ago!)


I would go to work all day, then get home and jump on my computer to chat to my friends.


You might be in the same position as me with health challenges... or you might have kids or family that you want to spend more time with than you can right now... and if that’s the case, then know that what I’m about to share can absolutely fit around your available hours.


Anyway, it was 2010 when I started my business – a few months over 4 years ago. And at that point, I’d just been “let go early” from a temporary job, where I’d spent most of the day dreaming of working from home. (My daydreaming probably did play a part in my getting kicked out! Oops!)


My husband agreed to my starting a business, and if within 6 months I could replace my part time income, I could continue... otherwise I had to get a job.


I had replaced that salary within 4 months... there was no way I was going back to working for someone else again!


And since then, I’ve grown the business from just me, to a team of 6 – 4 full time employees (including my husband who was able to leave a job he hated to come and work with me full time almost 18 months ago) and 2 part-time outsourcers. We’re generating a decent 6-figure income, and a year ago moved to our “dream island” – the Isle of Wight – where the business has continued to grow.


Because most of our marketing is done online, where we physically live doesn’t matter. As long as we have an internet connection, we could literally work from anywhere in the world! 

But here’s the thing...


Until very recently the bulk of our income came from offering social media marketing/management; working with clients to design their profitable social marketing plan, and conversion funnel - and representing them on Facebook and Twitter to build their audience, and help them generate more warm leads and sales.




Recently I have been spending more and more of my time mentoring, and working intensively with clients who want to build or grow their online leveraged business.


And truth be told, I am now so busy with my private mentoring and mastermind clients; working with them to get their brilliance out of their head and into the world - that we have reached the point where more done for you social media management enquiries are coming in than we can physically cope with.


So while we were away on the QM2 a while back, we made a decision. We have closed down the social media management side of the business… and no longer accept new clients.


We’re now going to focus 100% on working with coaches, trainers and consultants who want to build a leveraged online expert business; to help them claim authority online, and build their own successful online business.


But while this is a really exciting time, it’s presented a problem…


So, I’ve made a decision that could be your golden ticket to social superstardom…


I’m looking for a small group of SuperstarSocial Marketing Consultants, who want to add a decent additional income stream to their business and offer Facebook and Twitter management to a range of awesome clients.


Does this sound like it’s your cup of tea?


I would love nothing more than start referring all my enquiries and leads to your safe hands, enabling these seeking prospects to get the BEST help and support, and allowing you to add £6,000+ to your monthly income.


BUT… the world is full of “social media experts”, yet most of them don’t even know how to get their own clients online… so consequently business owners have become somewhat cynical…


They need to know that you’re the real deal, not just another “one tweet wonder” who has suddenly decided to “set up their stall” in this space.


Frankly, I do too. I’m not going to risk my reputation referring clients to you if I don’t know that you can deliver results.


Hey don't panic... I know you're likely not a Social Marketing Superstar right now...


That's why I'm going to spend time with you first... delivering my first-class Profitable Social Marketing in-depth tuition before I unleash the work-load onto you…

"I am blown away by how much I have learnt"

I am blown away by how much I have learnt from working with Veronica. 

If you’re considering investing, my advice is to just do it and don’t worry how little you know. 

Veronica is so patient and always answers any queries really quickly. No question is too basic and it really will give your confidence a massive boost”

Steph Drake
Best for Pets

Introducing The ‘Social Superstars University’


This 12 week intensive program, will teach you absolutely everything that you need to know to get from being an amateur “dabbler” into a professional Social Media Manager who knows how to get awesome results for their clients.


You’ll get my personal help to attract incredible clients, generate a fantastic income stream and most importantly, run a business that you’ll love.


You’ll have me by your side to hold-your-hand throughout the program. You won't have to figure everything out alone like I did in 2010!


I’m gonna be sharing everything I did to get clients in the early days, including a “little-known trick” for finding hordes of business owners who are actively waiting to hire you.


I will be working directly with you to build your perfect business.


The Social Superstars University Curriculum & Timetable


Autumn Term 

By the end of the Autumn Term, you'll have everything you need to;


*Complete Facebook and Twitter Audits for your clients; I walk you through how to audit their Facebook personal and business presence for profitability, and prepare a detailed report with (upsell) recommendations - including detailed checklists and your reporting template 


*Perform a great Facebook and Twitter setup for new clients who have hired your to manage their social marketing - with full checklists to make sure you don't miss something fundamental


*Serve your new clients on a day-by-day basis – including building their content strategy, what and when to post for them, where. How to engage effectively on their behalf, and where to find a constant stream of potential enquiries


Including time saving strategies to ensure you can get everything done in the minimum amount of time.


*Package and price your services to make the selling easier. I'll even give you the “new client signup” process we take all new clients through, and show you how to prepare monthly reports to keep your clients updated on the value you're providing. 


I’ll even give you all the forms, and show you how to get agreements signed electronically.


Once you've completed these 4 sessions, it's time to get YOUR marketing system set up with a compelling Lead Magnet and Trip Wire… ready to start converting your new connections into warm leads and committed customers for your social media marketing business.


Winter Term

Join us back on campus for the 4-week Winter Term… where we’ll shift our focus onto how you can deliver a high-value Pay-Per-Click Managed Service;   


*Mapping out the strategy that your clients must have in place before they spend even £0.01 on Pay-Per-Click advertising - ensuring they achieve a ROI on their investment.    


*Set up, monitoring and measurement of their Facebook and Twitter adverts campaigns – including which objective will deliver the results you client seeks - and which advert type serves that objective, 


*Facebook remarketing, conversion pixels, interpreting default reports and compiling meaningful reports your clients will love to read.


*… and generally how to give your clients such a “WOW” experience and great results, that they won’t ever want to leave.



Spring Term

By now, you’ll have paying clients, a profitable social marketing strategy to attract new warm leads and paying clients, and be enjoying seeing the results your clients are getting from working with you...    


So in our final 4-week term together, we'll work on how you can leverage your social media management income; to introduce additional upsells, and passive income… 


*Mapping out your customer journey - defining the pain your clients come to you to relieve, and how you can create information products to serve them at every step of the journey.


*Your Signature System - your unique process that you use to take clients from "ouch" to "ahhh" that positions you in a "Category of One" with ZERO competition.


*Planning and hosting VIP Days to serve your clients at a deeper, intensive level, and the strategy I use to promote and sell £2k+ programs.


... and by the time you graduate, you’ll have your complete business in a box, ready to go live your ideal lifestyle, from wherever your heart takes you.


But here’s the best bit…


This isn’t ‘just’ a training program where you’ll be given a ton of information and left to get on with it unaided.


Nor is it a franchise, where you’ll have to pay over a percentage of your earnings every month as a management fee.


As well as LIFETIME ACCESS to the 12 modules of structured training, personally delivered by me...


I’m throwing in TWO Bonus Resources…

  • 1.

    24/7 access to a private support forum to ask questions and be supported by me, my team, and your peers VALUE £500

  • 2.

    12 month's access to my Social Marketing profits Blueprint program - a comprehensive library of tools to study everything I know about profitable social marketing, and how to take advantage of the most powerful list-building and relationship-building tools on the planet. VALUE £397

Total Value of the Bonus Resources is £897!

"I think I love Veronica!"

"Veronica's team came up trumps for me when I needed help with selling my service.

Her Copywriter transformed my wording for an offer - within hours of me sending my draft over. What a supportive team!

I think I love Veronica"

Jane Latham
Jane Latham Business Law
"Her strategies really work!"

I followed Veronica’s methods to connect with my ideal client, and after a short conversation in Twitter, they’ve become my client – my first ever client generated from Twitter. 

Veronica’s strategies really work!”

Jenny Kilburn
Synergos Consultancy

My Personal Commitment To You...


I’m personally committing to supporting you EVERY step of the way, and giving you everything you need to make the Social Superstars University a profitable investment into a potentially life changing business for you.


And if you've ever worked with me before, you'll know that I deliver on my promises to you. You'll get me teaching the sessions personally, and I'm often found in the Facebook group answering questions. You can trust that I'll be there for you at every stage of this program.


I’ll also be giving you access to all the strategies, templates and forms we use, as part of the course, so you can quickly ‘plug-in’ and get streams of leads and customers, within weeks.


This has taken me 4 years to compile… so is worth tens of thousands of pounds alone… in fact, it’s priceless.


But I’m that serious about helping you build an amazing Social Media Management business that it’s only fair that I give you access to my top people, resources and tools, to help you soar.


And TWO Extra Bonuses!

  • 1.

    BONUS #1: A complete Facebook remarketing eBook and video course, ready for you to re-brand and add to your website… it’s a done for you Lead Magnet and Trip Wire all ready to go once you've put your stamp on it… PLUS the follow up emails are written and ready to add to your autoresponder sequence with a few personalization edits. You can also sell the eBook and video course on other marketplace websites to bring in an instant passive income stream if you choose. I’ll show you how in the Autumn Term (Value £997)

  • 2.

    BONUS #2: All the forms, reports and templates we use to process new clients, and prepare meaningful reports. I’ll even give you my pricing matrix so you can see how to easily offer upsells – no getting sucked into giving away tons of work for free when you can clearly show your pricing upfront (Value £450)

"Veronica is the best..."

“Veronica is the best social media trainer that I’ve ever come across.

She obviously loves what she does, and that really comes across when you work with her”

Kate Coleman
Member of The Social Expert Academy
"Veronica doesn't just talk the talk..."

“When an expert tells me I should be doing something, the first thing I do is to look at their track record to ensure they are personally successful at what they preach. 

Veronica doesn’t just talk the talk but is successfully doing exactly what she advises… crucial for any marketing and social media practitioner"

Dee Blick
Author of The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

Ok Veronica, you've told me what I'll be getting inside the Social Superstars University...


... but what can I expect to earn as a Social Media Manager?


I hadn't forgotten... I was just coming to that.


I've put together this sample earnings summary of what you could be making each month, 6 months from now, if you only work 15 hours a week "in the business".     


I want to re-iterate that I've err'ed on the side of caution with this estimation. I didn't want to be one of ' those people' who produce earnings projections that even Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) would have trouble hitting!


Most Social Media Managers charge more for their services than what I've suggested here, and often work with more clients too.


Plus, these figures are based on you working 15 hours a week. If you increased your hours to 30... or outsourced the work, you could be achieving even greater levels of income!


Equally, your goal may be to earn a nice little income from working part-time. You may just be looking for a business you can fit around your family, while working from home.


This program is completely flexible for you to take what you learn, and tailor your new business into a model that suits you the best.


Getting the results you desire should be easily doable when you implement what I'll be teaching you inside the Social Superstars University    


And remember, you're not tied to only finding clients in your geographic area either, although you are welcome to, of course.


But I'm also going to be showing you where to find business owners from all over the world, who are ready and waiting to buy your services too (I've met very few of my own clients, working remotely is not unusual)

"Veronica really knows her stuff"

Veronica really knows her stuff, but more importantly she works in such a way that I felt understood, challenged in a good way, and fully supported.

Carole Stacey

It was reading a page like this that started me off on my business journey...


Remember I said earlier that I started my business when I was kicked out of my part time temporary role?


For the first month I was selling copywriting services, but one morning I opened an email telling me about a program that would teach and support me to become a Social Media Manager.


At this point I was still paying back outstanding debts from the earlier "poverty period", so I had to ask my poor husband if I could borrow the money from our wedding fund.


Thankfully he agreed, and I was able to invest in the program, and also paid extra for a website and branding graphics.


Now, if I'm honest the program I bought wasn't brilliant. The people who sold it had never run a Social Media Management business, so we were left to figure out most of it for ourselves.


Nor did it equip me well for running a successful business - so over the years I have invested around £30000 of my own money (and shed loads of my time!) to learn from some of the best marketers in the world.


The Social Superstars University is the program I wish I'd had 5 years ago... where I'll be giving you the benefit of those tens of thousands of pounds and hours I have invested in learning, as well as my 5 years experience of building a Social Media Management business from the ground up


So, what is the investment?


Think about it, I’m offering you a complete Social Media Management business in a box, with the tools and resources to enable you to conservatively make upwards of £6,000 per month - which me and my team will personally help you with.


This isn’t “just another course” - this is a commitment that I’ll make to help you to start a fantastic business, working from home - wherever you are in the world.


It’s literally worth tens of thousands of pounds, easily.




I’m not going to ask for £10,000.


In fact, I’m not even going to ask for £1,000.


...AND I'm also taking all the risk from you...

My 100% Money Back & Work With Me For FREE Promise To You!

If within 30 days, you feel I have not given you the strategies, tools and resources to at least have made your investment back before you graduate...

... and you've watched the program modules, and implemented every piece of advice I've given you.

Then I'll not only refund your investment in full, but will also personally work with you for free until you make back that amount too.


Join The Social Superstars University Today For £997

"Completely supportive and encouraging..."

“I chose to invest in some VIP mentoring from Veronica as I was going around in circles with a business idea and needed some focus and direction. I’m delighted I did, as the results speak for themselves – I just sold my first franchise package for several thousand pounds this week!

Veronica has a unique ability to really focus on the big picture and then break the process down into achievable and manageable steps until you reach your desired outcome. She is completely supportive and encouraging the whole way through, especially at those inevitable ‘wobble’ moments as you take your business to new heights.”

Dawn Fry
The Melting Pot
"The "go-to" person in social media"

“Veronica is very switched on and has positioned herself well as the ‘go-to’ person in social media…

Her passion and knowledge of how to get the most out of social media just resonates throughout her work.

The positive feedback from our members speaks volumes for her talents.

You can only love her!”

Nigel Botterill
The Entrepreneurs Circle
"You REALLY care..."

"Wow, Veronica you are AWESOME.

The biggest difference I've found since working with you is that you REALLY care about getting me results, and you don't rest until you've met your promises.

Add to that, that you've turned my social media success on its head - you're a real expert!

Thank you so much :-)"

Oliver Luke

Join the Social Superstars University Today For Only £997  

"I was approached by ITV..."

Veronica is a wonderfully, genuine person who has been a great inspiration to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about social media and to improve their business.

Thanks to what I learned from Veronica about Twitter, I was approached by ITV who wanted to film me and in a personal benefit. It is so great to work with Veronica who genuinely cares about her clients’ success”

Leila Gardiner
"Unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our UK events"

“When Veronica managed our social media campaigns, I saw an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK. 

She is exceptionally insightful, writes beautifully and truly knows her stuff. I highly recommend Veronica’s services to business owners looking for social media assistance.” 

Dr Joanna Martin
Internationally renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author

Still Not Sure? Hear What Some of the Recent Social Superstars University Students Have to Say...? 

"Fabulous Program!"

The fabulous thing about this program is that Veronica is actually giving us material and things we can use, rather than it being just a lot of hot air, and motivation to do nothing. 

I am loving it!

Samantha Pilling
"Got My 1st Client Within a Week!"

Just 5 days into this program, and I've already secured my first paying client!

Veronica is so supportive, and I'm already so excited about all the opportunities that this program will bring!

Lucy Jane Davies
"Step-by-Step What You Need to Do"

I am so enjoying the Social Superstars University! I love the structure of Veronica's teaching, she breaks down step by step what you need to do, 

I do like having a system I can follow, and that at each step of the system I am learning so much! 

Julie Corlett
"Given Me the Direction and Focus I Needed!"

A big thank you Veronica - I have loved this course. It may still take me a while to implement it all, but it has given me the direction and focus I needed to make this year my year!

Alyson Reay

Join the Social Superstars University NOW and Receive...

  • 1.

    LIFETIME Access to the Social Superstars University 12 Module Program (VALUE £2,000)

  • 2.

    BONUS #1: 12 Month's Access to my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint program (VALUE £397)

  • 3.

    BONUS #2: Done For You Facebook Remarketing Lead Magnet & Trip Wire (VALUE £697)

  • 4.

    BONUS #4: Private Facebook Group Where You Can be Supported 24/7 By Me & Your Peers (Value £500)


Join the Social Superstars University Today For Only £997


(Instalments are also available)


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